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Placement Organization: Ruhiira Millennium Villages Project
Placement Location: Mbarara Town, Uganda
Eligible Citizenship: American


About: The Millennium Villages Project is an international development organization implemented by the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York, Millennium Promise, and the United Nations Office for Project Services. It works to address the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative works directly with local and national governments, as well as non-government organizations to show how rural communities can lift themselves out of poverty. The project started in year 2006 and its mission is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals at the community level by 2015. The project introduces a broad range of interventions simultaneously to address the specific needs of each village. The communities themselves own and drive all the work being done.


Placement Overview: Health System Quality Improvement Coordinator with main focus on Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Facilities, Staff, and Data


Evaluate health center and health staff performance

  • Use data found on OpenMRS, CC+, and in record books to evaluate staff performance, quality of care (whether centers follow best practices in treating patients), and supply usage and availability
  • Develop a set of indicators (both qualitative and quantitative) to measure continuously health center and health staff performance; create a QI pivot table that can be updated monthly
  • Produce a monthly report on performance to be shared with health center staff and Dr. Emmanuel

Record and address challenges discussed by health center staff during QI meetings

  • Attend monthly QI meetings
  • Record and code challenges discussed at the meetings
  • Chart challenges over time
  • Work with health facilitator and health center staff to develop interventions to address recurring challenges

Improve the accuracy of child and maternal mortality data

  • Investigate discrepancies in mortality rates between recorded verbal autopsies and OpenMRS
  • Develop and maintain a verbal autopsy database (manually enter verbal autopsies from the paper copies) as a short-term solution to the issue of data inaccuracy
  • Further investigate the data discrepancies by communicating with the health facilitators and data sectors at Ruhiira as well as at other MV sites
  • Work with the data department to improve the speed of data entry (currently, data from the previous month is not entered until at least half way through the following month); set achievable goals for data entry and provide support supervision of data staff

Develop interventions to address the increasing child and maternal mortality rates

  • Identify and confirm the primary causes of child and maternal mortality in the cluster area
  • Work with the health facilitators and community health workers to develop and implement interventions
  • Continuously monitor mortality rates to determine the impact of the interventions
  • Record and share best practices for improving maternal and child mortality throughout the cluster area and across MV sites

Manage the eCompliance Project (a pilot project that uses biometric terminals to record doses of TB medication taken and prevent patient default)

  • Collect data from the three eCompliance community health workers and update the eCompliance spreadsheet weekly
  • Address any challenges that arise with the software or devices
  • Ensure that any missed doses are fully explained and measures are taken to prevent future missed doses

Improve communication and information/data sharing across MV sites

  • Meet with the IT department in NY to introduce and get feedback the idea of an MVP intranet
  • Collect the phone and email contacts for employees at all the MV sites
  • Create an internal website on which to share contact information and reports, create discussion boards, and share articles, funding opportunities, conferences, etc.
  • Disseminate materials on how and why to use the internal site; encourage use across the MV sites


Required Skills and Experience:

  • Keen interest in public health and understanding of public health-related issues in this area
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Proficiency using statistical software and MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), data collection, validation and analysis
  • Strong interest in global public health
  • Ability to work in a team environment, but with self-sufficiency and self-motivation
  • Strong interpersonal skills coupled with excellent communication skills: verbal, written, listening, presentation and facilitation
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Ability to multi-task: flexible and capable of working under pressure and tight deadlines with demonstrated ability to prioritize across multiple projects and relationships


Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Master’s in Public Health
  • Experience working with a health program
  • Program auditing skills
  • Data analysis
  • Knowledge of quality improvement standards


Living Conditions: Fellows will be provided with housing, health insurance and a living stipend of $550/month. Fellows will also receive an award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year.  Flights to and from the placement site and all other costs associated with GHC programming are included. The GHC fellow will be based in the MVP office and have access to cell phones, computers and all office basics that MVP staff access.