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Placement Organization: The Uganda Initiative for Integrated Management of Non-communicable Diseases
Placement Location: Kampala, Uganda
Eligible Citizenship: Ugandan

About: The Uganda Initiative for Integrated Management of Non-communicable Diseases (UINCD) is a collaboration between Mulago Hospital, Makerere College of Health Sciences, the Uganda Ministry of Health, MEPI-CVD, Uganda NCD Alliance, and Yale University Global Health Leadership Initiative. The project is designed to establish the NCD clinic system where patients with Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, Renal disease, etc, who are in stable states, can be reviewed at a single visit without compromising the quality of care. The UINCD’s key objectives include:

  1. To establish an integrated non-communicable diseases (NCD) clinic system so as to enhance access to and continuity of care for patients with NCDs through;
    • Standardization of basic aspects of care such that quality services can be delivered via teams consisting of different levels of healthcare providers (nurses, clinical officers, medical officers, Senior House Officers, attending physicians)
    • Implementation of a Portable Health Record (i.e. standardized card or notebook which lists diagnoses, complications, and medications) that would be regularly updated at clinic visits and would take the place of the envelopes of paper scraps that patients currently carry
    • Training of a network of community health workers to help with prevention, case finding, and management of NCDs to reduce hospitalizations and acute care clinic visits
  2. Carryout or ensure the carrying out of research and feasibility studies on all aspects of NCDs
  3. Train, enlighten and educate medical students, graduate doctors, technicians, nurses, health workers and the general public on NCDs

Position Overview: Provide overall local management of the UINCD Secretariat in accordance with the policies, procedures, and guidelines of Non-Governmental Organizations of Uganda.


  • Assist the Steering Committee to liaise with all stakeholders that will provide technical expertise (e.g., training, capacity development process, participatory strategic planning process, institutional strengthening, and policy advice) to the Initiative as may be required in the strategic plans for the Initiative
  • Maintain UINCD office management systems; create and maintain the members’ networking; and create a team-based, participatory work environment that promotes the sharing of information and learning from experiences among members
  • Be in the lead of the preparation of written materials (e.g., reports, research proposals, training materials, etc.), communication outputs (articles, newsletter, promotional materials, web-based articles etc.), and special reports for UINCD
  • Manage the Initiative with integrity, transparency and in an auditable format, including the regular development of budgets, monitoring of expenditures to ensure that they fall within budget, and providing to the Steering Committee quarterly financial reports together with other key financial records for substantiation and audit (original receipts, bank statements, and other financial records as necessary)
  • Promote knowledge transfer and learning by disseminating findings from surveys and assessments with all relevant stakeholders on a timely basis

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills relevant to project work
  • Creative and flexible in planning and implementing activities
  • Able to work under pressure with minimal supervision
  • Gender sensitive with wide understanding of gender issues
  • Willing to learn and adapt to other cultures
  • Highly organized with a good sense of judgment
  • Trustworthy and dependable in handling resources
  • Computer literate especially in Microsoft Excel 

Preferred Skills and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine or Nursing from a reputable university
  • Post-graduate training in public health and /or project planning and management may be an added advantage
  • At least 1 year experience in the area of public health

Living Conditions: Fellows will be provided with housing, health insurance and a living stipend of $550/month. Additionally, fellows will receive an award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year. Flights to and from the placement site and all other costs associated with GHC programming are included, including $600 in professional development funds.

*Note: the living stipend and completion award may be paid out in USD or local currency, as determined by the placement organization.

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