Aaron Mangangu




Sahit Menon

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Health Informatics Officer
Partner: Akros
I believe that we are all born equal and ought to be treated as such. Regardless of differences that exist amongst people, such as socioeconomic status or race, everybody should be able to access quality health-care when they need it.

Mulangi Mangangu was born and raised on the Copperbelt in Zambia and moved to Lusaka after high school. He is passionate about ICTs and how they can be used to improve access to healthcare in disadvantaged communities. Prior to GHC, Mulangi was a Data Coordinator for the RMNCH department for CIDRZ, helping the Ministry of Health create a user-friendly mapping database. He is a Board Member and Head of Communications and Marketing for the Rotaract Club, as well as a volunteer at the Lusaka Animal Welfare Society. He enjoys traveling, photography, motor sports, running, and music.