Amira Anne Pettus

Amira Anne



Marlene Mumukunde

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Digital Health Liaison
Partner: The Ihangane Project
Health equity means that everyone - no matter where they live or what their social, economic, or political standing is - has equal access to healthcare services and the systems that support them.

Amira Pettus split her early life between Georgia, USA and Bangkok, Thailand. She later moved to New York, USA but is currently residing in Quito, Ecuador. Amira is a feminist, sexual health champion, and a designer who advocates for creating human-centered technology for social good. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from The New School, where she learned about building socially and politically motivated technology. After graduate school, Amira joined ThoughtWorks, where she became the UX designer for Bahmni. Through her work with the organization Partnership for the Homeless, Amira created an SMS based network with a supporting web platform that has connected caseworkers with homeless New Yorkers seeking independent housing. During her free time, Amira enjoys reading, painting, searching for street art, and learning to surf.