Kabera Zekie Nyakarashi

Kabera Zekie



Maria Martinez

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Training, Evaluation and Learning Officer
Partner: Spark MicroGrants
Health equity means every human being is given opportunity to live a healthy life and have access to affordable and quality health care services without any form of discrimination

Zekie Nyakarashi was born in Kenya but has lived, studied, and worked in Kigali, Rwanda. His passion for helping people in need is what drives him to be actively involved in social, economic, humanitarian and health equity programs. Prior to joining GHC, Zekie coordinated the Burundian and Congolese emergency response as an emergency coordinator for the Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation. He also worked as field coordinator for a communication for development project funded by UNICEF Rwanda, focusing on key family practices by training Community Health Workers and conducting sensitization campaigns in Mahama Refugee camp. His hobbies include reading, DIY projects, and travelling.