Maria Guerra-Arias




Jeanne Hefez

Placement Country: USA
Title: Global Program Associate
Partner: Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Health equity means free and unrestricted access to health services for all; no one should have to suffer illness or death because they can’t afford or reach the healthcare that they need; no one should be driven to extreme debt by healthcare costs.

Maria Guerra-Arias was born in Leon, Spain, and grew up in the United Kingdom. She has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from the University of Durham, and a master’s degree in development studies from Cambridge University. Her first experience in global health was a six-month volunteering project with Comprehensive Rural Health Project, a holistic health and development NGO based in Jamkhed, India. There, she was responsible for redesigning and implementing the Adolescent Girls Program. Before joining GHC, she worked with ICS Integrare, a research consultancy specializing in reproductive health and the health workforce. She was actively involved in producing international publications such as the State of the World’s Midwifery 2014 report and has authored many academic articles on the reproductive health workforce.