Patrick Okwir




Isabelle Charles

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Program Officer
Partner: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment
Optimizing the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work, learn, and age, to ensure equal access to opportunities that enable everyone to lead and live a healthily

Patrick Okwir was born and raised in Adwari, Otuke, Uganda. Prior to joining GHC, he worked as a cold-chain coordinator at the Clinton Health Access Initiative and served as an epidemiologist in Guinea under the African Union ASEOWA mission. Patrick was also a Community Health Manager at the Agency for Accelerated Regional Development where he instituted a $300,000 Community Micro-Health Insurance scheme for orphans and HIV-positive mothers. In 2013, he organized and chaired the Uganda Country Caucus at the third Women Deliver Global Conference in Malaysia. Patrick holds a degree in public health from Makerere University. He uses his free time to read, learn about information technology, blog, Tweet on reproductive health, listen to music, or worship God.