Theodette Mukayisenga Kazenga




Juliette Delman-Lagot

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Information Systems Specialist
Partner: Alliance for Healthy Communities
Health equity is equal access to health facilities for all people without any discrimination which can be based on social status, religious, culture, etc.

Theodette Kazenga Mukayisenga hails from Kigali, Rwanda. Today in our society, there are different cases that display social injustices and limited healthcare access for poor people. These situations brings into Theodette’s mind that it is her responsibility to be among the change-makers. Prior to joining GHC, Theodette designed an Internet of Things framework for a Mauritius Company. It was a practicum project, which exposed her to explore Internet of Things as a new technology, especially in Rwanda. Theodette received her Master of Science in information technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Her hobbies include swimming and informal counseling. Theodette’s motivation is to work together with young people who have the same belief that health is a human right. In addition, being a GHC fellow will be her best opportunity to improve her leadership skills and can help in delivering impact.