Tresor Nkurunziza




Mwelwa Chasaya

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Partner: Ministry of Health – Rwanda
Health services should be delivered to each and everyone so that it should be attained with all in high levels regardless social demographic factors such as race, economic status or origin.

Tresor hails from Huye, the southern province of Rwanda. He works to ensure that everyone has access to affordable local health services and believes that health is not a privilege, but a right that everyone deserves. Prior to joining GHC, Tresor worked as an intern for Care International. Additionally, he was a research assistant at African Evangelistic Enterprise in Rwanda and volunteered for the National Paralympic Committee in Rwanda. Tresor also received a Peace Activist certification from Never Again Rwanda. In his free time, he enjoys refereeing volleyball matches and reading books.