Business Administration Systems Liaison

Organization Name: The Ihangane Project
Location: Ruli, Rwanda

Role Overview

The Business Administration (BA) Systems Liaison will utilize The Ihangane Project’s (TIP) model of stakeholder engagement and collaborative program development to assist in the implementation of recommendations that have been developed by MBA student-led consultation teams. The Liaison will assist stakeholders to further assess the feasibility of recommendations and then oversee implementation of changes when appropriate. Stakeholders include hospital administrators, frontline health care workers, and patients. As recommendations are being implemented, The BA Systems Liaison will also be responsible for gathering baseline data and for designing systems for ongoing evaluation of the interventions.

Over the past two years, The BA Systems Liaison has worked with Ruli District Hospital and MBA students to establish pilot improvement teams at the hospital and to create a strategic plan that includes key activities to improve the hospital’s ability to fulfill its goal of providing high quality and patient-centered health care. Yearly retreats, coordinated by the BA Systems Liaison, also help to facilitate staff engagement and lay the foundation for upcoming work. The 2018-2019 BA Systems Liaison will continue to support this important work.

Eligible Citizenship: Rwanda
Role Code: R12-Nat
Role Function: Data Analysis / Statistics, Finance / Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation / Quality Improvement, Program Design / Program Planning
Issue Area: Education / Health Education, Health System Strengthening


The Mission of TIP is to empower local communities to develop sustainable, effective, and patient-centered health care delivery systems that holistically respond to the needs of vulnerable populations. TIP has been working with Ruli District Hospital and its seven associated health centers to determine key strategies for improving health outcomes within their community. To support this mission, we have partnered with the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the William Davidson Institute (WDI) since 2009 to help our client health providers to identify opportunities to improve the communication flow, cost-effectiveness, and financial sustainability of their health care delivery systems. The Business Administration (BA) Systems Liaison will work with both our team and student-led teams from Ross School of Business to help us continue developing ever more sustainable and effective health care interventions for the vulnerable populations served. 



  • Collaborate with William Davidson Institute, MBA student teams, TIP, and Ruli District Hospital to strengthen and fulfill a three-year strategic plan for work to be performed through this partnership
  • Work with stakeholders to improve financial systems at Ruli District Hospital 
  • Support Ruli District Hospital’s ability to implement prior MBA student recommendations and troubleshoot existing administrative challenges 
  • Identify useful projects for future MBA teams
  • Provide translation services for team members when needed
  • Collaborate with other TIP team members when projects overlap
  • Partner with GHC co-fellow to design and implement Monitoring and Evaluation process for this work

Key Deliverables

  • Implementation of priority recommendations in collaboration with Ruli District Hospital and TIP
  • Develop standard reference guides for key projects where appropriate
  • Development of standard system for monitoring and evaluating success of recommendation and subsequent interventions 


Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor’s degree*
    • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree or higher in business administration, public health, or nursing administration
  • Experience and/or training in strategic planning, program development, and/or M&E*
  • Experience in design and/or implementation of standard information collection tools (surveys, focus groups, etc.)*
  • Experience with Excel, Word and PowerPoint*
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully with different cultural groups in professional setting* 
  • Experience with mobile and tablet technology
  • Skills in data collection, recording, and analysis
  • Knowledge of French or Kinyarwanda language is a plus 
  • Ability to work both independently and as a part of a team
  • Demonstrated organizational, verbal, and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable living in a rural setting, where electricity and internet connection are somewhat unpredictable
  • Empathic, patient problem solver and self-starter
  • Interest in emerging markets and health care delivery
  • Possess an understanding of the health care delivery infrastructure in Rwanda

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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Note: these vary depending on placement country and citizenship.

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