Organization Name: Partners In Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo
Location: Neno, Malawi
Eligible Citizenship: Malawi
Role Code: M06B-Nat

Role Overview

The IT Specialist will support the analysis, planning, design, implementation and monitoring of PIH’s IT Infrastructure within Neno District and other places where PIH Malawi has offices. We seek an experienced and versatile IT Specialist, who is committed to social justice and our platform of health equity, to support our IT infrastructure. This includes LAN and WAN equipment, on premise servers, cloud solutions, computers, tablets and smartphones for PIH and selected partners. The IT Specialist will receive managerial supervision from the Medical Informatics Manager.


Network analysis and administration

  • Manage me and optimize bandwidth using open source software and dedicated hardware tools
  • Expand network coverage area with Wide Area Network design and implementation
  • Manage me backup power systems for critical network hardware

Systems analysis and management

  • Review existing IT system and internal processes and ensure that they are up to date and able to meet and optimize programmes and operational efficiency
  • Ensure systems are running effectively and efficiently to suit organization and program needs
  • Implement security and information assurance measures
  • Ensure data storage is safe and secure
  • Conduct IT equipment and infrastructure audits regularly and provide reports and recommendations 
  • Setup data storage, backups and retrieval protocols and associated security

Infrastructure/Asset management

  • Monitor security certificates and organization compliance of requirements
  • Forecast and report cost of replacing or updating IT equipment
  • Install and update organization software and hardware as needed
  • Regularly take inventory of all organization IT equipment and track using electronic databases
  • Work with vendors to find the most suitable solutions for the organization
  • Support the development and implementation of IT policy including guidelines on IT asset disposal

End user support

  • Regularly coordinate with programme and operation teams to better understand their IT objectives and needs and work together to design and implement meaningful technology solutions 
  • Resolve issues with staff IT equipment including computers and tablets
  • Train staff about network security and best practices for computer and systems usage

Mentor IT staff

  • Provide technical knowledge and advice to the IT team
  • Work with management to identify capacity building needs for IT staff

Medical Informatics support

  • Support the Electronic Medical Records systems, data warehouse, file servers, and cloud application deployments and network management servers, including managing server software updates and backups

Implement electronic systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of PIH operations systems

  • Improve stock management systems to track consumption of medications, consumables, and other products
  • Develop systems for accurate forecasting and supply chain management
  • Improve and implement quality improvement measures to enhance pharmaceutical supply chain management
  • Strategize and assess the appropriateness of applying electronic systems to other work areas
  • Develop software applications to improve the operations of the organization or automate repetitive tasks

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or another relevant field*
  • Strong background in IT network and systems administration*
  • Experience in at least one of the following areas: hardware and software configurations for servers, networks, computers and/or peripherals; database management systems and Linux server administration; or proficiency in a scripting language such as Python, BASH or Perl*
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, as evidenced by conducting trainings or presentations, writing reports or summaries, etc.*
  • Hardware and/or software certification
  • Experience with DevOps practices
  • Experience with virtualization technology such as Hyper-V, KVM, VirtualBox
  • Extensive knowledge of information technology, systems and current trends
  • Fluency in Chichewa
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite programs
  • Ability to interact professionally and with sensitivity with diverse staff, clients, health workers and partners
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable living in a rural area with ability to take initiative and work with minimal direction
  • Willingness to take on additional work outside of the job description as required by PIH

About the Organization

Partners In Health (PIH) is a non-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. Through service delivery, training, advocacy and research, PIH works globally to bring the benefits of modern science to those most in need and to serve as an antidote to despair. PIH has programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, Liberia, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Sierra Leone, Navajo Nation and Boston.

PIH began working in Malawi in 2007, where today we support the Ministry of Health (MOH) to serve a catchment area of around 160,000 people through 14 health centers and two hospitals in partnership with our sister organizations. Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (APZU) is in the Neno District.

Role Function: Database Management, Information Technology / ICT / Informatics, Technology / Software Development
Issue Area: Health System Strengthening, Technology for Health

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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