MBBS Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Organization Name: University of Global Health Equity
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Eligible Citizenship: Rwanda
Role Code: R06-Nat

Role Overview

The MBBS Teaching and Learning Coordinator will be an integral member of the team supporting the development and delivery of the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)’s first clinical degree - a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) integrated with a Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD). The primary role of the Teaching and Learning Coordinator will be to provide curriculum development support, student support, research, and administrative support to the medical program team, particularly in courses that cover the basic health sciences. The Coordinator will be involved in educational assessments and the development of learning objectives. The Coordinator will work with students and staff in all things related to the student experience, teaching, and logistics. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the development and delivery of a medical curriculum.


Curriculum Design

  • Support integration of the curriculum and continuity of content across multiple faculty in order to maximize student experience and ensure students achieve desired competencies
  • In collaboration with the basic sciences team, use technical content to develop pre-class assignments, instruction sequences, and lesson plans to support course delivery, post-class assignments, and overall assessment and evaluation tools
  • Provide technical research and quality assurance activities to support content development and lesson planning
  • Support development of program- and course-specific evaluations to continuously monitor and evaluate modules within the medical program
  • Prepare presentations and contribute to the development of scholarship and practical materials demonstrating the unique content and pedagogy in the UGHE medical program
  • Contribute to the development and planning of basic sciences and simulation laboratory activities

Student Experience and Support Management

  • Liaise with and support students during class and office hours, identify supplementary academic materials to share, and provide feedback to students
  • Design and deliver supplementary programming on academic writing, literature reviews, and principles of academic integrity
  • Support and facilitate in-class instruction
  • Grade student assignments, maintain student records, and provide tutoring or other support to students
  • Supervise students and provide feedback to students in basic sciences and simulation labs
  • Receive, collate, and respond to student feedback

Online Learning Management System

  • Review open-source online materials for use in flipped classes, and integrate these into modules hosted on UGHE’s learning management system
  • Contribute to the ongoing management and quality assurance of modules in the foundational health sciences on UGHE’s online learning management system
  • Update student grades and records in the University learning management system


  • Support academic meetings, including scheduling, taking minutes, and tracking follow-ups
  • Liaise with faculty, local collaborators, and international collaborators to plan the teaching of visiting faculty to ensure that students have a consistent educational experience
  • Support the admissions and selection processes for the MBBS/MGHD program
  • Perform additional administrative tasks as assigned

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor’s degree*
  • Academic training or professional experience in the sciences, preferably in biology, medicine, or a related field*
  • Excellent English writing and editing skills*
  • Experience as a teaching assistant, research assistant, teaching fellow, or teacher*
  • Experience contributing to the development of a training and/or education program*
  • Interest in health equity and medical education, interest in a career in global health*
  • Experience contributing to the development of a training and/or education program in a health-related field
  • Basic sciences laboratory course work or laboratory research experience
  • Experience evaluating the impact of programs and/or curricula
  • Experience creating learning materials, including print, video, and/or online
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Flexibility and maturity  
  • Strong willingness to take initiative
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends

About the Organization

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a new university based in Rwanda that is building the next generation of global health professionals—doctors, nurses, researchers, and public health and policy experts—into leaders and changemakers. An initiative of Partners In Health (PIH) and led by internationally recognized faculty and staff from around the world, UGHE is an independent, accredited university that builds on PIH’s three decades of experience in delivering health services to some of the world’s poorest communities. Launched in 2015, with the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD), UGHE has since added a portfolio of Executive Education courses and will soon launch an undergraduate medical degree.

UGHE is bringing forth a new way of training leaders who will emerge ready to develop health care services and systems that connect neglected communities with essential–and ultimately life-saving–attention. The University's approach is grounded in experience, focused on delivery, and guided by the belief that equity in education can be the catalyst for equity in health care. In all current and future offerings, UGHE prioritizes hands-on and practical field experience; focuses on "systems" rather than symptoms; and provides training in leadership and management. Students leave prepared to address the complexity of delivering care in all settings.

UGHE's vision is a world where every individual—no matter who they are or where they live—can lead a healthy and productive life. Learn more at www.ughe.org.

Role Function: eHealth / eLearning / mHealth, Health Promotion / Education, Teaching / Training / Curriculum Development
Issue Area: Education / Health Education, Health System Strengthening, Human Resources for Health

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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Note: these vary depending on placement country and citizenship.

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