Program, Communications, and Advocacy Officer

Organization Name: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment
Location: Kasese, Uganda

Role Overview

The Program, Communications, and Advocacy Officer will help to develop, improve, and expand the organization’s positive impact on underserved communities by increasing the efficacy of the health programs of the Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment’s (FCDE) community partners in Uganda. The Officer will be responsible for technically supporting partner organizations to deliver quality services through the creative planning, implementing, and marketing of programs.

Eligible Citizenship: USA
Role Code: G06-Int
Role Function: Advocacy, Communications
Issue Area: Education / Health Education, Health System Strengthening, Healthcare Access


FCDE collaborates with established community-based organizations to increase their institutional capacity. Acting as a catalyst, FCDE provides direct support to strengthen each partner organization’s efficacy in the community and ensure that local voices direct development. Some of our capacity building approaches include: conducting skill building workshops, providing one-on-one support, placing interns with organizations, helping conduct institutional self-assessments, grant making, assisting organizations with identifying funding opportunities, and providing a localized resource center for the community.

Through our long-term partnerships, FCDE helps to enhance the self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability of grassroots organizations so that they become even stronger forces in their communities.


Assessment and Training

  • Conduct assessments of partner organizations to identify gaps in advocacy, marketing, and communications
  • Provide training and mentoring to partner organizations to address these gaps

Project Management and Advocacy

  • Play an active role in supporting FCDE partner organizations through the capacity building process
  • In concert with FCDE partners, assess and identify key health issues in the community that are in need of advocacy and information dissemination
  • Plan and implement innovative strategies and interventions for improved service delivery
  • Support partner organizations to identify and ally with influential organizations and networks to facilitate advocacy

Communications and Marketing

  • Work with partner organizations to develop a creative communications strategy by documenting and disseminating success stories and program impact through social media and other communication channels
  • Help partners develop the tools, materials, and vision to execute a successful communications plan
  • Assist with the production of print material, including annual reports, brochures, newsletters and other materials as needed
  • Ensure that relevant and quality content is disseminated through social media platforms and other communication channels
  • Assist in regular updates of social media outlets

Resource Mobilization

  • Work with partners to increase their funding base so that they can more effectively implement their projects on the ground

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor’s degree*
  • Demonstrated experience and skill with marketing, communications, and/or public relations practices*
  • Demonstrated experience and skill with advocacy, including knowledge of advocacy strategies and practices*
  • Demonstrated experience with project design and management*
  • Interest in and passion for local and global public health issues*
  • Interest in organizational capacity building, especially in rural communities*
  • Ability to work in a team environment with self-sufficiency and self-motivation*
  • Ability to undertake regular field visits to rural communities*
  • Experience in training and facilitation
  • Ability to research, write, and edit program documents and materials, including proposals
  • Skills in partnership development and management
  • Ability to get things done and come in with an open mind and new ideas

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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Note: these vary depending on placement country and citizenship.

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