Organization Name: National Health Research Authority
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Eligible Citizenship: Zambia
Role Code: Z04-Nat

Role Overview

The Research Capacity Building Officer will provide support to the National Health Research Authority (NHRA) in developing a functional national health research system in Zambia. This includes coordinating health research and helping to build the capacity to undertake health research activities and develop effective strategies for communicating research findings. The Officer will report to the Senior Research Capacity Building Officer at NHRA and help coordinate various research activities, including research monitoring, grant writing, and dissemination activities. The Officer will also participate in knowledge translation activities such as development of policy briefs and facilitating dissemination of research findings for researchers in Zambia. 


Capacity Building

  • Participate in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of capacity building and policy engagement programs
  • Conduct capacity building training on research for NHRA
  • Facilitate development of research curriculums and modules


  • Initiate research by actively exploring research questions
  • Analyze research findings to facilitate decision-making
  • Organize research dissemination activities for the unit/directorate
  • Develop policy briefs and memos for meetings
  • Conduct literature review on topical issues as required
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of ongoing health research to assess outcomes and identify remedial interventions
  • Prepare activity and M&E reports as required and submit research activity reports to the Head of the Research Unit

Grant Proposals

  • Prepare letters of intent for grant applications and participate in proposal development
  • Review research proposals for clearance to ensure they are in line with the national guidelines
  • Participate in other activities as requested by supervisor

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  1. Strong research background, including quantitative and/or qualitative data analysis*
  2. Strong writing skills, as evidenced by experience writing materials for external audiences such as grant proposals, reports, blogs, or summaries*
  3. Experience in data management software, including either SPSS, STATA, MS Access, or NVivo*
  4. Master’s degree in public health, demography, statistics, or related field
  5. Experience with capacity building initiatives (e.g. designing or implementing efforts to strengthen an organization’s ability to perform functions, solve problems, and achieve objectives)
  6. Experience with grant writing or management (e.g. proposal development, implementing proposed projects, and/or reporting back to donors, especially in a research context)
  7. Familiarity with research ethics, ideally in health contexts
  8. Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  9. Ability to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment
  10. Commitment to professional integrity and confidentiality

About the Organization

The National Health Research Authority (NHRA) is a statutory body established through an act of parliament, Act no. 2 of 2013. The mandate of the Authority derived from the act is to provide a regulatory framework for the development, regulation, financing, and coordination of health research and to ensure the development of consistent health research standards and guidelines for ethically sound health research while promoting utilization of research results through knowledge translation to inform policy and programs.

Role Function: Development / Fundraising / Grant-Writing, Research, Teaching / Training / Curriculum Development
Issue Area: Health System Strengthening

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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