Caroline Numuhire, Rwanda Program Coordinator

I have always been passionate about social justice. Being able to work for GHC, an organization that fights for health equity is a privilege as I enjoy working with leaders who apply biosocial analysis to tackle health-related issues.

Caroline Numuhire holds a degree in agriculture sciences with a major in rural development and agribusiness from the University of Rwanda. For the past two years, she has worked for Gardens for Health International  (GHI), a nonprofit that fights childhood malnutrition in Rwandan rural communities. As the Agriculture Training Manager, Caroline focused on ensuring the quality of agriculture trainings that GHI provides to rural farmers. Additionally, she has served as a 2014-2015 Global Health Corps fellow in the same organization.

In the past, she has interned with Save the Children Rwanda assessing the quality of income generating activities in remote areas. She has also volunteered with Mind Leaps (former Rebecca Davis Dancing Company) where she worked with a team dedicated to rehabilitate street children trough contemporary dance. She is also a creative writer and regularly contributes to ECOFORUM, a Kenyan Journal that deals with environment and sustainable development issues.

Moreover, Caroline writes inspirational African short stories, her articles are published on Environmental Africa, an online platform for African writers. She is currently pursuing a Masters program in Global Health Delivery at the University of Global Health Equity in Kigali, Rwanda.  This part-time program is partnership between Partners in Health, Harvard School of Public Health and the government of Rwanda.