Fauzia Dawood

Vice President of Development

Prior to joining GHC, Fauzia spent three years working at GHC partner site, the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) based in northern Rwanda. At UGHE, she helped lead fundraising efforts on the West Coast and in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions as Senior Partnership Officer. Fauzia has also spent four years working in Cairo, Egypt where she led efforts to implement civic engagement-based curricula into public and private higher education. Fauzia holds a BA in Political Science and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies from New York University and an MBA from Yale University’s School of Management.

Fauzia is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where she grew up.

Almost a decade ago, Dr. Jim Kim said that to work towards justice required 'a pessimism of the intellect but an optimism of the will.' Optimism, he said, 'is a moral choice.' I am honored and privileged to work with people who believe in and are hopeful for a more just and equitable world, where everyone has access to a healthy life.

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