Lena Derisavifard, People Coordinator

Every day I am inspired by the work of the GHC team. I truly believe that a community systems thinkers will be the catalyst for reducing health disparities around the world.

Lena is the People Coordinator.  Lena served as a 2015-2016 GHC fellow in Uganda with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). While at CHAI, Lena worked as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Health in HIV supply chain and data analytics. She managed the national laboratory’s commodities forecasts and supply chain for HIV Viral Load testing, created efficiencies to minimize data errors in the national database, and designed an online dashboard to track key metrics assessing the progress of the Viral Load program. Prior to GHC, Lena worked with data analytics in Human Capital Management and Operations at Goldman Sachs. There she was on the committee for the LGBT Network and an active member of the Women’s Network.  Lena discovered her passion for data and social justice at Southern Methodist University, earning degrees in Engineering and Mathematics while working for the Women and Gender Studies Department. She hopes to continue pursuing this passion through applying her technical skills to create sustainable change in domestic and international health systems.