Lena Derisavifard

Operations & Alumni Program Manager

In her role as GHC’s Alumni Program Manager, Lena curates and designs inclusive programming for the GHC alumni community that fosters collective action, communication, and collaboration. She is also an alum of the program and served as a GHC fellow in Uganda with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). While at CHAI, Lena worked as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Health in supply chain and data analytics. Prior to GHC, Lena worked in data analytics for Human Capital Management and Operations at Goldman Sachs. There she was on the committee for the LGBT Network and an active member of the Women’s Network.  Lena discovered her passion for data, community, and social justice at Southern Methodist University, earning degrees in Engineering and Mathematics while working for the Women and Gender Studies Department. When Lena isn’t strengthening alumni networks, she’s building community bridges through her baking.

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