Sarah Endres

Grants Manager

Sarah is an experienced program and project manager, process improver, and design thinker, with a special love for building order out of chaos. Prior to joining GHC in 2014, Sarah began her career at GlobeMed, a nonprofit that empowers students and communities to work together towards health equity around the world. In her first five years on the Programs Team at GHC, Sarah built up systems and processes for the fellowship program, including the Community Portal, fellow onboarding, partner selection, Training Institute, and curriculum tools used throughout the fellowship. She has also worked as an independent consultant, doing graphic design for various organizations and configuring a CRM database for a start-up nonprofit to organize their business development. Most recently, Sarah took a break from office work to spend five months working on a small organic farm where she got her hands dirty learning how to grow and harvest food, and appreciated spending every day under the big skies of her current home state of Colorado.

Fun Fact: Sarah has a passion for cooking. Starting from a young age, she would mix many spices with milk and insist that her mom try her “soup!” She is confident her skills have improved since then.

My belief in health equity is rooted in my belief in humanity—that all humans have the right to live a healthy life no matter the circumstances they were born into. Achieving health equity requires visionary, collaborative, and resilient leadership, willing to see possibility and dig deep to make health equity a reality for all.

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