Global Health Corps’ Strategic Plan



Global Health Corps’ purpose has always been to mobilize the next generation of health equity leaders. Developing a strong workforce and effective, networked leadership is an essential contribution to health systems strengthening efforts.

In our 2022-2025 strategy, our purpose remains the same. We’re evolving how we work by:

Expanding the fellowship in Sub-Saharan Africa

We'll invite citizens of nine additional countries in the region to apply to join our community by 2023, and we'll recruit and train 180 total emerging leaders over the next three years.

Launching a reimagined fellowship in the U.S.

We'll begin a pilot program for emerging public health leaders in 2023, aiming to support 100 fellows by 2025.

Deepening our alumni program

We'll build out targeted programming and partnerships to cultivate collective action and meet the needs of our community, which will grow to 1400+ by 2025.

Embracing our role as a field catalyst

We'll deepen our work in coalitions, research, advocacy, and narrative change to create a more enabling environment for leadership development in global health.

We believe deeply in the power of people. More than ever, systems change is a priority and a possibility in our world. It will take committed, equity-driven leaders working together to get there. We look forward to learning and collaborating with you on the journey.

What does Global Health Corps do?

Since 2009, Global Health Corps (GHC) has built a network of 1150+ next gen leaders committed to transforming health systems. Through a robust fellowship and alumni program, GHC seeds the health sector with innovative and resilient young leaders and invests in them to grow and drive systems change across their careers.

GHC serves as a critical talent pipeline for its partners, an entry point to global health for non-clinical leaders who join as fellows, and a leadership accelerator for alumni and their networks. While GHC leaders are concentrated in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and the U.S., the network has a truly global reach across 40+ countries and 450+ health organizations.

In the wake of COVID-19, GHC is changing the who of health leadership by recruiting and training more women, Africans, and people with non-clinical expertise who have long been underrepresented in decision making. GHC is also changing the how of health leadership, cultivating critical traits for meeting today’s challenges including systems thinking, design thinking, empathy, humility, resilience, and adaptability.

Our Vision

Over the next three years, Global Health Corps will expand our diverse network of health equity leaders, equipping them to solve the world's most pressing challenges. We'll recruit and train nearly 300 additional leaders in the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa, and we'll catalyze the growth and impact of our tight-knit alumni network.

Join Us

We are deeply grateful to the many partners — foundations, corporations, organizations, and individuals — who have journeyed with us over the past 13 years and supported our growth. As we enter the next phase, we are eager to deepen these relationships and establish new partnerships.

Our increased investment in African leaders, our renewed commitment to deepening our work in the U.S., and our work to drive greater collective impact through our growing network create exciting opportunities for GHC and our community. Collaboration lies at the heart of the GHC model and community, and we are excited to invite a wide range of partners to join us. In particular, we invite strategic partnerships for fellow recruitment, staff professional development, thought leadership and coalition opportunities, network-building, program and curriculum design, and organizational strengthening.

As we launch into the next three years, we will pursue a bold $20 million strategic vision. Key partners supporting this vision include MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett, Rippleworks Foundation, Packard Foundation, Bank of America, Abbvie Foundation, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. We look forward to deepening our relationships with our current financial partners who are committed to our work. We also look forward to building new relationships with others who share the belief that investing in leadership is a powerful lever for change in global health.