Phillip Enock Siwila

Phillip Enock



Aimee Edmondo

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Health Informatics Officer
Partner: Akros
I’m motivated by the lack of equality in society, I want to use my skills to inspire others and innovate to bring about positive change.

Phillip Enock Siwila was born and raised in Zambia. He attended Don State Technical University in Russia where he studied electrical engineering and Russian. For his senior thesis, Phillip investigated the importance of electricity in rural areas and its impact on improving national-level health, education and social-economic development. Additionally, during his sophomore year he was elected vice-president of the student council and remained in this role until his senior year. Prior to joining GHC, he worked as an electrical engineer at NECOR Zambia, a leading technology company. Phil is passionate about using software and big data to fight tropical diseases, poverty and malnutrition. Phillip is fluent in English, Russian, Namwanga, and Bemba, and enjoys football, reading, travelling, and new cultures experiences.