July 2021

2021-2022 GHC Fellows Going to the Frontlines

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the 2021-2022 Global Health Corps fellows: 40 bold, young changemakers from Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia. 

May 2021

People Power Town Hall with GHC + The Skoll Foundation

Systems leaders are not born — they're intentionally developed at every level of their careers through skill building...

March 2021

Leading Intentionally Through Transition

Recently, my family and I moved all of our earthly belongings from one Brooklyn apartment to another.

February 2021

Update on GHC's 2021-2022 Fellowship Program

I’m writing to share that following careful consideration of a range of safety and security ...

December 2020

Happy New Year from Global Health Corps

Our team at Global Health Corps is welcoming the new year with a spirit of celebrating what we want to see more of in the world:...

December 2020

Global Health Corps' 2020 Annual Report is live!

The report highlights the power of effective, collaborative leadership to save and improve lives during crisis and beyond... 

November 2020

Protecting Civic Participation to Advance Public Health

As we head into this weekend, the U.S. presidential election looms, shrouded in uncertainty and concerns ....

October 2020

No Time for Despair

This month marks the completion of my first year as the CEO of Global Health Corps (GHC) and my eighth year building our community of health equity leaders:...

July 2020

Welcoming Our 2020-2021 Fellows Amidst Pandemic & Protest

Over 10 years ago, Global Health Corps (GHC) was born out of the belief that effective, connected leadership...

June 2020

Global Health Equity Requires Racial Justice

Systemic racism in the U.S. and beyond is a direct threat to the health and wellbeing of black people...

May 2020

Letting Our Values Lead + Building Back Better

Uncertainty abounds these days. It seeps into every crack and crevice, derailing so many of our best laid plans...

May 2020

The inspiring story of a Zambian scientist & advocate fighting COVID-19

Namwaka Mungandi happens to be deeply passionate about the one thing nearly everyone...

April 2020

Announcing GHC's COVID-19 Collective Action Coalition & Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on, it's revealing how deeply connected our fates are...

April 2020

Protecting the Health of the Most Vulnerable

The official numbers of human beings infected by COVID-19 continue to climb, surpassing two million this week with an estimated 130,000 lives lost to date.

March 2020

Envisioning a New Normal

Namwaka Mungandi happens to be deeply passionate about the one thing nearly everyone...

March 2020​

Leading through COVID-19

I write this from my home in Brooklyn, where I’m telecommuting along with the rest of our NYC-based team....