GHC’s unique approach integrates leadership and professional development with self-reflection, personal growth, and a networked ecosystem approach to amplify impact.

Four key pillars comprise the foundation of our fellowship & alumni programs:


We cultivate working across silos and tackling the root causes of intersecting inequities.


We encourage feedback, out-of-the-box approaches, iteration, and learning from setbacks.


We center our shared values and strengthen our resilience and reflection muscles for sustainable impact.


We foster deep personal and professional relationships and foster collaboration to amplify impact across our network.

Our Leadership Practices

We recognize that leadership is an iterative process, something that leaders must intentionally practice throughout their lives. This is why we subscribe to a set of GHC leadership practices that we nurture our leaders to live out. We call these ‘practices’ intentionally, recognizing that leadership requires continual hard work and reflection. 

Global Health Corps leaders are agents of change who hone their skills in authentic leadership, collective leadership, design thinking, and systems thinking through our programming.

Are committed to social justice

GHC fellows believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and that healthcare is a human right. Fellows share a vision for a better world and are committed to creating transformative change.


GHC leaders appreciate the interconnected roots of global health inequities and seek opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and backgrounds in pursuit of social change.

Inspire and mobilize others:

GHC leaders can envision a just society and paint a compelling picture for others. They communicate complex concepts clearly and seek opportunities to use their personal stories as tools to engage others in the movement for health equity.

Adapt and innovate

Fellows can weather adversity and remain committed to their goals. They see challenges and uncertainty as opportunities to create new solutions to old problems. They think outside the box.

Are self-aware and committed to learning

Fellows understand that their development as leaders, practitioners, and humans is a life-long process that requires humility, continual reflection, and work.

Get results

GHC leaders get things done. Actively working against a “business as usual” attitude, they transform health systems to advance equity.

We partner with diverse experts & practitioners to deliver high-quality training for our fellows and alumni:

  • Global health experts:

    Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General; Dr. Maggwa Baker, Senior Fellow at Public Health Institute; Dr. Alex Coutinho, former executive director of Partners in Health in Rwanda; Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor of University of Global Health Equity; Phill Wilson, Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute; Ndaba Mandela, Chairman and Co-Founder, Africa Rising Foundation; Dr. Mark Dybul, Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and others

  • Media makers & Storytellers:

    Patricia Amira, multimedia artist and host of Totally Wired Radio; Sarika Bansal, author, former Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Bright the Magazine; Teddy Ruge, Co-Founder of Hive Colab; Lisa Russell, award-winning filmmaker; and Jill Filipovic, journalist, lawyer, and author

  • Dynamic Lecturers & Facilitators:

    IDEO.org, The Boardroom Africa, Advocacy Accelerator, SY Partners, Shannon Salentine — Leadership Coach, Yale Global Health Leadership Institute, McKinsey Academy, African Management Institute, and others


Our programming is:

  • Multi-faceted:

    We address the intersection of health systems needs and our leaders’ areas of interests.

  • Dynamic:

    We adapt our offerings in response to real-time health challenges.

  • Co-designed:

    We engage fellows and alumni as thought partners and co-implementers.

  • Expert-driven:

    We seek out subject-matter experts to join us as speakers, facilitators, and advisors.

Our Networked Approach: Working through Health Ecosystems

The pandemic made it clear that health and other societal factors are deeply interdependent. That’s why our approach goes beyond the individual to cultivate a strong network to collectively drive change across entire health ecosystems. GHC fellows and alumni work at key leverage points within health ecosystems, from grassroots organizations to international NGOs to Ministries of Health. 

We intentionally place our fellows in roles with a range of partner organizations, and our alumni go on to work at 400+ organizations across 24 countries. We equip our leaders to mobilize their broader networks for social and policy change on key health issues such as safe abortion access, stronger primary healthcare, and better health financing mechanisms.