Leadership & Management Offerings

Global Health Corps has 15 years of leadership development experience and an award-winning approach to developing the capacity of emerging leaders working in social impact from the U.S. to Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We’ve built a tight-knit network of 1200+ and growing alumni, referred to as the “stickiest network” in global health. We’ve also pioneered a robust Theory of Impact and metrics to assess how our efforts result in more effective, influential, and collaborative professionals.
Do you or your grantees…
  • have first-time managers who need coaching and training to be more effective?
  • want your team to be stronger advocates and storytellers for your organization?
  • have a cohort of fellows or scholars who could use some support learning how to inspire and influence others? 
  • have an upcoming staff retreat or training that could be enriched by leadership and management skill building sessions?
Have you or your grantees…
  • hired bright young people because of their fresh perspectives and energy, only to find that school didn’t prepare them to lead and manage in the real world?
  • tried to do some in-house or even external professional development without significant results?
  • accepted the status quo because you’re too busy to explore other options?
  • explored supercharging your programmatic investments by upskilling your people?

Partner with global health corps

GHC is now bringing this expertise to support other organizations and institutions seeking to harness the power of great leadership and management to drive social change. We offer a wide range of curriculum (co)design, facilitation, and consultation in areas including:

People & Project Management

We train emerging leaders to manage themselves effectively and to build trust, establish accountability, and get result through managing others.

Assessing Impact

We advise organizations on how to create meaningful metrics, design data collection tools, and track the impact of their training/leadership development initiatives.

Vision & Values

We train emerging leaders and new managers to develop a clearer understanding of their unique strengths and weaknesses, their personal values, and an informed understanding of how they’re perceived by others.

Systems & Design Thinking

We train emerging leaders to gain frameworks and tools to better understand, analyze, and change the systems we work and live in, starting with themselves and working through ecosystems.

Community Building/Alumni Programs

We advise organizations on how to build meaningful, lasting connections and foster collaboration among program participants beyond the initial program period. We also consult on developing programs that meet the changing needs of alumni as they advance in their careers.

Inspiring & Mobilizing

We train emerging leaders - especially women, people of color and Africans underrepresented in global development - to find and hone their unique voices, effectively share ideas via oral and written communication, and move their teams and communities to action.

GHC’s Approach

  • Customized for maximum relevance: GHC brings deep experience in co-designing and adapting curriculum to meet participants’ needs and contexts. We often use a co-facilitation approach to ensure our facilitation team represents diverse backgrounds and experiences so they can leverage unique perspectives during workshops.

  • Evidence-based and highly practical: GHC’s approach is rooted in well researched and evidence-based methods from diverse fields including leadership and management development, human-centered design thinking, systems thinking, social change, and transformative adult education. We integrate theory where it is in service of real-time practical application.

  • Engaging and inclusive: GHC staff are highly trained facilitation experts, skilled in creating engaging, accessible, and inclusive adult learning spaces virtually and in-person. We leverage multi-modal approaches (e.g. real-time surveys, videos, small group discussion, case studies) to match diverse learning styles and reinforce engagement. We bring a commitment to DEI to all of our trainings and equip participants to do the same in their leadership.

Sample Programs

GHC is now bringing this expertise to support other organizations and institutions seeking to harness the power of great leadership and management to drive social change. We offer a wide range of curriculum (co)design, facilitation, and consultation in areas including:

New Manager Workshop Series

• Participants: A cohort of ~8-12 mid-career professionals who are working in health organizations and have <2 years team management experience
• Time Commitment for Participants: 4-6 hours per month, across 6 months
• Program: A mix of virtual professional development workshops, pod sessions, a leadership panel, resource curation, and surveys.

Leadership Storytelling & Public Narrative for Women Leaders

• Participants: A cohort of fellows/grantees/scholars receiving technical training that could be supercharged with complimentary leadership and management training on essential topics ranging from building a feedback culture to navigating change.
• Time Commitment for Participants: Integrated as a series of 1-2 hour trainings which comprise a core component of a full-time ~1-2 week convening (virtual or in-person)
• Program: Consultation and training for trainers on integrating leadership and management into existing training materials; design and facilitation of training sessions; and consultation on developing a monitoring and evaluation strategy and data collection tools through a leadership development lens.

Leadership & Management Essentials

• Participants: A group of ~10-30 early to mid-career professionals who identify as female and are passionate about advancing equity OR tailored sessions for smaller groups/individuals
• Time Commitment for Participants: 3-4 hours per session including preparation and follow up
• Program: A pair of interactive virtual or in-person sessions designed to support emerging women leaders to craft and share their authentic, powerful personal narratives to build confidence and inspire and mobilize others.

GHC Staff Facilitators

John Cape

Chief Program

Ruth Achillah

Director of Fellowships

Simon Simkoko

Malawi Country Director

Sheila Sibajene

Zambia Country Director

Hima Patel

U.S. Program Manager

Hannah Taylor

Senior Director of Community Impact

René Shema

Rwanda Country Director

Dr. Ariel Arguelles

U.S. Community Impact Sr. Coordinator

Fee Structure & Inquiries

GHC works with partners to develop a proposal and a scope of work that includes key deliverables, timelines, and budget – generally with an overall project rate and/or with rates for individual project components – tailored to their needs. Our programs can be designed as standalone virtual, hybrid, or in-person offerings or nestled within other trainings, retreats, or conferences. 

Interested in bringing GHC’s proven approach and expert team of facilitators to strengthen the leadership and management skills of your team/grantees/fellows? Contact John Cape ([email protected]), GHC’s Chief Program Officer.