Faith Kasiira
Admissions and Programs Manager

A recruitment coordinator with over 6 years of experience in community health supervision and government engagements, Faith is no stranger to the world of community health. Before joining GHC, she worked as a Recruitment Coordinator and Community Health Supervisor with Living Goods Uganda. During her time there, she dedicated herself to sourcing the right talent to fill vacant roles, engaged in employee development as well and supporting community health workers as they navigated the challenges of providing essential health care to their communities.

She passionately advocates for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). As a champion for DEI within the Living Goods Ugandan team, she was responsible for charting the course toward a more inclusive and equitable work environment that fully embedded DEI values within the Ugandan team. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Makerere University Business School.

Fun fact: Faith is a fan of old-school hip-hop music much to the amusement of her friends, who often jest that she brings the rhythm of the past into the present.

In a world of health, we are all on the same team. The ultimate goal should be tearing down systematic barriers, eradicating disparities, and fostering a world where well-being knows no boundaries, ensuring that everyone has the chance to achieve optimal health regardless of their background.

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