Commitment to
Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

Global Health Corps is committed to working toward a more inclusive, equitable world where all people can live healthy, dignified lives.

We are deeply grateful to the many bold activists and leaders, especially those with historically marginalized identities, who have relentlessly advocated for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the global health sector and our world. We honor their expertise and follow their lead.

Key Definitions


The richness of difference on a collective scale. It is the presence of a breadth of lived experiences, perspectives, and identities.


Allocating resources in a way that allows everyone to thrive. It goes beyond equal treatment to meeting the varying levels and types of needs that exist within diverse groups impacted by systemic power imbalances.


An active and intentional practice. It is fostering an environment where all people are valued, safe from discrimination, and equipped to contribute as their full selves. It is letting people lead the way in defining, vocalizing, and shaping decisions about meeting their needs in a dignified way.

Health equity

All people everywhere having the opportunity to attain their full health potential and live a dignified life. It requires both the removal of systemic obstacles and the provision of quality, accessible healthcare to all people. It is the founding principle and uniting belief of the Global Health Corps community.


We acknowledge the following contextual realities within the global sector and our own organization:​

Colonial aspirations were often the crucible of efforts to improve health in order to reach other, usually extractive, goals.

—Paul Farmer, Peter Drobac, and Zoe Agoos


To cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within GHC as an institution, we commit to:

To catalyze systemic change towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the global health sector, we commit to: