Leadership Approach

At GHC, we recognize that leadership is an iterative process, something that fellows must intentionally practice throughout their lives. This is why we subscribe to a set of GHC leadership practices that we expect everyone who goes through the program to cultivate throughout the year and for the rest of their careers.

We call these ‘practices’ intentionally, recognizing that leadership requires continual hard work and reflection. We have identified this set of leadership qualities as key to achieving progress in global health and social change. Our goal is that our community be recognized for this compassionate, reflective and effective style of leadership.

Global Health Corps fellows are agents of change who:


Are committed to social justice: GHC fellows believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity, and that healthcare is a human right. Fellows share a vision for a better world and are committed to creating transformative change.


Collaborate: GHC leaders appreciate the interconnected roots of global health inequities, and seek opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and backgrounds in pursuit of social change.


Inspire and mobilize others: GHC leaders can envision a just society and paint a compelling picture for others. They communicate complex concepts clearly and seek opportunities to use their personal stories as tools to engage others in the movement for health equity


Adapt and innovate: Fellows can weather adversity and remain committed to their goals. They see challenges and uncertainty as opportunities to create new solutions to old problems. They think outside the box.


Are self-aware and committed to learning: Fellows understand that their development as leaders, practitioners and humans is a life-long process that requires humility, continual reflection and work.


Get results: GHC leaders get things done! Actively working against a “business as usual” attitude, they improve the well being of the world’s poor and vulnerable by empowering communities, organizations and governments to bring about positive change.