Anastasia Cossette




Shayni Geffen

Placement Country: USA
Title: Health Fellow
Partner: Covenant House
Health equity means dismantling institutions and systems that perpetuate wealth inequality, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and other ideologies that prevent people and specific communities from being healthy.

Anastasia Cossette hails from Arizona, USA. She believes that constantly learning from and listening to youth, families, and communities to advocate with them is key in achieving health equity. Prior to joining GHC, Anastasia was the first undergraduate Research Assistant for a faculty fellows program at Arizona State University, where she researched health using social science and humanities methodology. Additionally, Anastasia completed her honors thesis, in which she analyzed how policy and the media portray sex trafficking. During her sophomore year of college, Anastasia worked for HEAL International, an organization dedicated to empowering people in their own health in Tanzania and Phoenix, Arizona. Anastasia received her bachelor's degree from Arizona State University in global health. Her hobbies include hiking, enjoying trees, reading and discussing books/podcasts/articles that friends suggest. Anastasia aims to join a community and an organization that recognizes the grave health inequities and structural barriers to basic health care in the United States, and demand innovative, creative, system-oriented solutions.