Anne Martin



Reuben Mashekwa

Reuben Mashekwa Kaponde

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Health Informatics Officer
Partner: Akros
Our own perspectives are the biggest constraint on our capacity to affect change; through GHC, I hope to share mine and learn from others, so we can all be better informed agents and leaders of change.

Annie Martin was born in Connecticut and spent her elementary, middle, and high school years living in Singapore, the UK, and the US. She attended Washington University in Saint Louis where she studied biology and anthropology, participated in several sports-based mentorship programs for children, and was an active member of Pi Beta Phi. After graduating, she spent two years working for Epic, a healthcare software company, where she focused on ambulatory care and quality of care measures. Anne’s work at Epic led her back to school for a Master of Public Health at the Bloomberg School at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on reproductive health and health economics. Some of her projects involved analyzing pregnancy registry data to predict high-risk pregnancies and constructing cost-effectiveness models for prophylactic treatment of HIV. In her free time, Annie loves running, playing soccer (and most other sports), and drinking strong coffee.