Arush Lal



Placement Country: United States
Title: Global Policy Associate
Partner: IntraHealth International
Health equity means ensuring that even the most neglected have equal opportunity to health services and lifestyles.

Arush Lal has worked to lead several on and off campus public health initiatives as a business and operations major at Georgia Tech and a global health advocate. Arush founded Volunteers Around the World - Georgia Tech, where he led 70 students to four developing countries, providing over 1,200 patients with medication and health education. He is also involved with Buzz Mobile Health, providing healthcare to Atlanta’s homeless populations and has developed, and proposed a new undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech in global health systems and technology. Arush interned in the Office of Pandemics and Emerging Threats (OGA/HHS) during the Zika outbreak and worked in the largest trauma hospital in the Dominican Republic.