Avery Waklatsi




Patrick Mugiraneza

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Partner: Gardens for Health International
Health equity means having equal access to resources, aid, and the healthcare necessary to thrive in one's environment. The ability to thrive is an inherent human right.

Avery Waklatsi hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She is a passionate social psychologist interested in breaking down the social and economic barriers that lead to systemic inequalities. Avery focuses on interpersonal programming that contributes to long term well-being and access to opportunity. Prior to joining GHC, Avery served as a community economic developer in Burkina Faso with the Peace Corps, where, among other things, she taught techniques to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition and food insecurity in Burkinabe communities. She also volunteered with the American Red Cross on hurricane disaster relief efforts. In her free time, Avery enjoys being athletic, generally by biking, playing soccer, hiking, and being outdoors. Avery earned a Master of Arts from Loyola University Chicago.