Benjamin Cramer




Oumar Sylla

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Officer
Partner: Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia
Without placing immense focus on global health equity, sustainable development will not occur on a global inclusive scale. A just and productive society does not exist until each and every human has equal access to high-quality health service.

Benjamin Cramer hails from New York, USA. He is deeply invested in rural community development in the Global South and focuses his efforts on increasing the agency of disadvantaged persons so they may take control of their own health and livelihoods. Benjamin is particularly interested in gender equality and female empowerment in these contexts. He has most recently worked for several different community development organizations in Malawi, where he enjoyed focusing on cultural assimilation and learning the local language. He has also led a course on emotional intelligence for university students in Cambodia. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys permagardening and trekking. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from University at Albany.