Bernadetta Mweso




Nick Peoples

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
Partner: Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation Uganda
Health equity means reducing and removing the disparities that exist in accessing health services due to status, disability, race etc. Health is fundamental to human life and all are entitled to equal access.

Bernadetta Mweso hails from Malawi. She has a growing passion for ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic in her country. Prior to joining GHC, Bernadetta worked at Youth Net and Counseling as a Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, in which she was involved in promoting sexual and reproductive health rights for the youth. There, she also monitored a project that oversaw improving female sex workers accessibility to health as a way of mitigating HIV/AIDS. Bernadette has worked directly as an M&E in the health sector, promoting health rights and ending child marriages. Additionally, she has worked with Plan-International as a Distribution Facilitator, distributing food aid to vulnerable people in rural areas during the lean season. In her free time, Bernadetta reads novels, books, articles, and enjoys socializing with friends. She sees the GHC fellowship as an opportunity to learn and meet new people who are passionate about life and helping others.