Bethany Larkin




Nguza Yikona

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Health Informatics Officer
Partner: Akros
Health equity exists when a healthcare delivery system is accessible, affordable, and focused on holistic patient care.

Bethany Larkin is from Atlanta, Georgia. She received her degree in biology, sociology, and anthropology from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. During her college career, Bethany was an active leader in the Rhodes chapter of GlobeMed, community health research projects, and campus leadership. As a junior, Bethany studied health and human rights in India, which fueled her passion for strengthening healthcare delivery systems. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts after college, where she worked as a project manager for a health technology company, athenahealth. In this role, she traveled across the United States implementing technological solutions to improve healthcare systems. When Bethany is not traveling, she can be found exploring local coffee shops, hiking, cooking, or discussing ethics and human rights with uber drivers.