Bridget Dela Akasreku

Bridget Dela



Evelina Rossi

Placement Country: United States
Title: HIV/AIDS Quality Improvement Specialist
Partner: New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Health equity is the acknowledgement and identification of the existence of global health disparities and inequalities and the prioritizing of activities and health interventions in populations who need them most.

Bridget Dela Akasreku hails for Ve-Kolenu, Ghana but lives in Accra. She has been engaged in mobilizing a variety of agencies, institutions and groups in various communities to coordinate services and programs that are tailored towards making healthcare readily accessible and equitable among various populations. Prior to joining GHC, Bridget was a Physician Assistant, a public health practitioner, and the head of public health at St. Gregory Catholic Hospital. She served as the hospital’s Institutional Project Team Core Member, where she was in charge of technical services annd monitoring and evaluation focusing on maternal depression. She developed a project design, indicators, and a monitoring strategy to improve maternal health outcomes. She also interned at PATH-Ghana to improve neonatal health outcomes among newborns in Ghana. In 2018, she became a USAID’s YALI (Young African Leader Initiative) fellow. Bridget received her Masters degree in public health from the University of Ghana and a postgraduate certificate in project monitoring and evaluation from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). In her spare time, Bridget enjoys reading research articles. She was motivated to become a GHC fellow by her desire to be part of a global community of leaders who aim to build a movement to fight for global health equity.