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Callixte Cyuzuzo



Alain Patrick

Alain Patrick Irere Hirwa

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Teaching & Learning Coordinator
Health equity means well-being for everyone and giving access to health services without leaving anyone behind.

Originally from Ruhando, Rwanda, Callixte Cyuzuzo is a philanthropist and a health scientist who loves sharing knowledge with the next generation through teaching and research. Prior to joining GHC, Callixte was awarded the Indonesian Government Scholarship and became a Cum Laude graduate of the Postgraduate School/Universitas Airlangga. He also represented Rwanda as an Ambassador of Immunopaedia in Africa. Callixte was a part-time Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Kibogora Polytechnic University and a Research Consultant at Vital Strategies under the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. For fun, Callixte enjoys traditional dancing, reading, and writing.