Carley Chastain




Divine Mutsinzi

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Design Fellow
Partner: MASS Design Group
Health equity exists when the only thing between you and your healthiest life is your own choices, not lack of education, transportation, basic knowledge, or funds.

Carley Chastain was born and raised in Alabama, USA. She is fascinated by the role that the human subconscience plays in architectural design, and the way in which challenging assumptions can radically change the physical, social, and psychological aspects of a spatial condition. Prior to joining GHC, Carley spent six months at an AmeriCorps fellowship in Montana with 100 Fold Studios. Her role there focused specifically on employing sustainable design strategies to best serve clients and help save them money in the long run. She also worked at the Rural Studio, a design-build program in rural Alabama that facilitates social change by the vehicle of architectural education. In her free time, Carley enjoys visiting national parks. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University.