Caroline Johnson




Udochisom Anaba

Placement Country: USA
Title: Maternal and Newborn Health Policy Researcher
Partner: Population Council
True health equity exists when every person,regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or place of birth, has the opportunity and ability to reach their full potential and self-determine a meaningful course for their lives.

Caroline Johnson hails from Florida, USA, but has lived in Texas, Costa Rica, Italy, and New York. She is a fierce feminist and advocate for improved adolescent sexual health. Caroline spent a year volunteering as a caregiver at a children's hospital in Costa Rica, and later conducted research at a primary care clinic in the Dominican Republic piloting a Zika virus study with adolescent moms. As a master's student, Caroline was awarded the Global Health award for her contributions to the field of global public health. In her free time, she enjoys running, going to the beach, and being outside in the sun. Caroline holds a Master of Public Health from Columbia University.