Claire Weil




Taylor Klinkel

Placement Country: USA
Title: Impact and Program Evaluation
Partner: ARCHIVE Global
I am motivated to be a part of a group of thinkers, dreamers and activists committed to social justice who are unafraid to tackle overwhelming problems of global and public health and who serve as models for those around them by taking responsibility in initiating change.

Claire Weil is from Paris, France. She studied development economics and peace and conflict studies at the University of Oregon. As an international advocate for the Women’s Center, she supported projects to address international women’s needs in college. Claire initiated a project to teach English to disenfranchised girls in rural China with Couleurs de Chine. She feels strongly about promoting social justice and has stood in solidarity with many by supporting teacher assistants in the US public education system, stopping tuition increases in public universities, and helping peace activists in Israel and Palestine. Following her studies, she went on to monitoring and evaluating peacebuilding projects with Search for Common Ground. There, she worked in partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA to promote public health through the awareness of essential family practices.