Constance Himukumbwa




Rachel Macklin

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Laboratory Services Coordinator
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
I wanted to learn how best to contribute to health equity from a movement of people from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Constance Himukumbwa is from Zambia where she studied microbiology at the University of Zambia. In her third year, she volunteered at the Malaria Control Centre as a research assistant. After she saw the success of the project's intervention programs, she became passionate about research. Upon graduation, Constance joined the Tuberculosis Department as a laboratory scientist on a project evaluating the success of tuberculosis prevention programs by determing the prevalence of tuberculosis across the country. She has since enrolled into graduate school for medical microbiology to become a researcher and contribute solutions to the many health problems the Zambia faces. Constance is passionate about education and loves to help students prepare for exams in her spare time.