Donaray Jones




Priscilla Kapombe

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: HIV Research Fellow (Lusaka)
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
Health equity is earnestly seeking to meet individuals, communities, and organizations where they are, acknowledging barriers to care, and working towards decreasing plausibly avoidable health descrepencies, and creating a culturally competent leaders.

Donaray Seville Jones is a passionate health equity advocate hailing from Illinois, USA. Prior to joining GHC, Donaray worked as a community health extension agent in Zambia for the Peace Corps, where he worked with the Zambian government and host country nationals to build the local capacity of public health workers and to decentralize healthcare. Prior to that, Donaray worked as an HIV researcher at the Kansas City Health Department (KCHD), where he conducted research on data displaying KCHD’s effectiveness to identify new cases of persons living with HIV/AIDs and its ability to link those individuals to treatment and care. In his free time, Donaray enjoys cross-cultural learning and being physically active. He holds a Master of Public Health from Missouri State University.