Elissa Miolene




Prudence Ndabasanze

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Communications and Knowledge Management Officer
Partner: Alive Medical Services
I want to learn, experience and grow – and GHC is an opportunity to do all three. Throughout this year, I will utilize my skills and passions to help move the needle on global health in Rwanda.

Elissa Miolene hails from Stamford, Connecticut. After graduating from Lehigh University with a double major in journalism and global studies, she completed a master’s degree in politics and policy. Elissa spent a summer volunteering at a rural school in Ghana, where she taught classes on basic health and helped revamp the school’s health clinic. In addition, she served as the United Nations representative for the Center for Public Health in Nigeria, keeping the Center up-to-date on the international global health agenda. Prior to joining GHC, Elissa was a writer for Save the Children, taking the lead on many of the agency’s key fundraising focal points. Elissa has also worked as a reporter for her hometown's daily newspaper, where she covered events and published a monthly feature column.