Enock Rwamuza




Samia Kemal

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Partner: University of Global Health Equity
Every individual, regardless of their background, should have the right to live a healthy, dignified and good quality lif

Enock Rwamuza hails from Kigali, Rwanda and he is a passionate health equity advocate. He holds a master’s degree in Global Health Policy from the University of Edinburgh and after graduating returned to Rwanda to volunteer with an organization called Health Development Initiative (HDI). HDI works with the Batwa people, a tribe that has been historically marginalized and continues to live on the fringe of society. While at HDI, Enock drafted a policy framework that will help local government implement policies that already exist to protect the Batwa people and fully integrate them into society. This policy framework covered different areas including health promotion, education, family planning, and poverty reduction. During his free time, Enock enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and spending time with friends.