Esther Ndacyayisenga




Thomas Burghart

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Design Associate
Partner: MASS Design Group
It has always been my dream to do something really significant for the world prosperity, so I saw in GHC an opportunity to contribute to the global well being.

Esther Ndacyayisenga is from Kigali, Rwanda. She attended University Of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology where she studied estate management and valuation while also interning with Integrated Property Consultancy Ltd; a Kenya-based private company that does real estate consultancy in Rwanda. After graduating from the University of Rwanda, Esther worked as an estate surveyor on different interim projects of valuation of both immovable and movable assets for various purposes. She then became a real estate broker, and was a property manager before joining GHC. Esther’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, chatting, swimming and watching movies, political debates, and talk shows.