Ewo Harrell




Monica Scrobotovici

Placement Country: USA
Title: Communications Associate
Partner: DotHouse Health
Health equity is empowering communities, regardless of race, gender, or economic status, with the tools needed to live and lead long and healthy lives.

Ewo Harrell is a Nigerian-American who was raised in the southern United States. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Chinese at Union College. She was later a global health scholar and received her MPH at Brown University School of Public Health. Ewo wants to be a voice for people whose circumstances prevent them from living their best life. Prior to GHC, she has worked with national and international organizations that, through policy development, have lessened the burden of noncommunicable diseases. In her free time, she proudly serves on leadership committees for the Lupus Foundation of America and the National Kidney Foundation. She also enjoys improv, documentary films, and practicing yoga.