Georgina Denis




Taylor Jolly

Placement Country: USA
Title: Community Health Coordination and Quality Improvement Fellow
Partner: Boston Public Health Commission
Health equity is more than guaranteed access to healthcare when you are sick, it is the fair distribution of the opportunities and the support needed to live a healthy life - through things like education, employment, and social wellbeing.

Georgina Denis hails from London, England. She believes health equity will be achieved and sustained through partnerships, collaboration, and congruent goals that lead to coordinated action. Prior to joining GHC, Georgina was part of a team at the Health Foundation that supports people in the Q community to improve the quality of health and care across the UK. As a Partnerships Manager, she designed and implemented the plan to grow Q from a community of hundreds to a community of thousands. Before her time at The Health Foundation, Georgina worked as a Transformation Manager at Princess Alexandria Hospital where she was trained in quality improvement methods. Georgina holds a Master’s degree in Brain and Mind Science from University College London. In her free time, Georgina enjoys reading and playing immersive live action games.