Godlive Mukankuranga




Kathryn Suarez

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Communications Fellow
Partner: Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima
I have passion for community engagement and I would be proud to utilize my passion backed up skills to help my fellow Rwandans through Global Health Corps' outstanding mission.

Godlive Mukankuranga is from Rwanda but was born in Uganda where she was raised and attained her bachelor's degree in mass communication with a specialty in public relations. She has experience in digital communications and marketing, which she has used to influence various communities through her voluntary service as a radio presenter at both Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and Radio 10 in Rwanda where her radio shows focused on sensitizing the community on health care particularly on nutrition, as well as breast cancer detection and prevention. Godlive also co-founded 'InezaForChildren', an operating informal NGO that focuses on improving the health and social-economic lives of young Rwandans, having been inspired by the touching stories from the poorest children while working on a research project in deep villages of Eastern Rwanda in 2012.