Hana Hamdi | Global Health Corps

Hana Hamdi




Bonita Beatrice Nanziri

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Officer
Health disparities are a reflection of the factions that exist within a society. The most vulnerable people within a community will always be at the greatest risk. Health equity is a commitment to creating a healthier society for everyone.

Hana Hamdi hails from New Jersey, USA. She is a feminist who cares about everything from the economy to the environment. However, she is most passionate about ensuring women have access to quality care throughout their life course. Hana trained as a birth doula in New York City to work toward birth equity for women of color. While completing her master's degree at Columbia University, she interned at Human Rights Watch, where she worked on a manuscript regarding healthcare delivery in Senegal. Over the past two years, she has been working as a research scientist at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in the division of Family and Child Health. During her free time, Hana enjoys reading and always has book recommendations to share.