Heather Harmon




Josiane Isingizwe

Placement Country: United States
Title: Knowledge Management Specialist
Partner: Build Health International
Health equity means providing all people with the necessary resources and knowledge to afford, access, and understand health care and health systems. It is also about empowering health workers to deliver compassionate, high-quality care to all.

Heather Harmon hails from the Michigan, USA; she is currently living in Ann Arbor while studying at the University of Michigan, and grew up down the road in Saline. Heather is passionate about leveraging people-centered health service research and opportunities for bidirectional learning to achieve health equity in low-resource, international contexts. Most recently, Heather has been working on a telemedicine research team at the Kellogg Eye Center to investigate how new ophthalmic technologies can improve access to care. Prior, she worked with the World Health Organization, conducting technical work on the intersections of compassion, health care quality, and universal health coverage. In her free time, Heather enjoys crocheting and other fiber arts, and hanging out with her guinea pigs Bruno and George. Heather was motivated to become a GHC fellow in order to meet new friends and colleagues who were equally passionate about using their unique strengths to dismantle inequitable systems of power and achieve social justice globally.