Jacqueline Anena




Hanna Homestead

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Program Officer
Partner: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment
It is my desire to promote health equity among the under served communities.

Jacqueline Anena is from Agago, Uganda. She holds a Master of Science in public health and a bachelor's degree in environmental health science from Makerere University. Most recently Jacqueline worked with World Vision Uganda in a Growth, Health and Governance program where she provided program planning, budgeting, supervision, monitoring and coordination. She used behavior change and communication methodologies such as peer-to-peer education with the Mother Care Group, role models and champions with Male Change Agents, and health advocacy. Prior to joining World Vision, she worked as a research supervisor with a malaria consortium as well as with AH Consulting Ltd, where she participated in various health programs related to research. Jacqueline is a very jolly person who loves children and in her free time she can be found telling stories, singing, and playing with children.