Jeanne Hefez




Maria Guerra-Arias

Placement Country: USA
Title: Global Program Associate
Partner: Planned Parenthood Federation of America
I am a Global Health Fellow because I believe in the power of local communities and global advocacy to bring about the structural changes we need to build sustainable health systems.

Jeanne Hefez is originally from France. She moved to Cape Town to do research in political economy after graduating from Yale University in political science and international studies. She became the managing editor of a South African progressive publication for two years where she worked as a journalist, editor, and campaigner with various social movements and community based organizations. She then headed the Communications and Advocacy division of a Pan-African network of human rights and cultural practitioners before returning to France to work in public health. A dedicated social justice activist who thrives in people-centered environments, Jeanne is particularly interested in addressing the social determinants of health, in building collective power, and in galvanizing political will within the movement for global health equity.